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At Corky, the environment and the customer have priority!

Our respect for the customer and the environment, the high quality of our products and our competitive prices are the combination that provides us with your support, giving us the strength to constantly strive to become better.

about us

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"Hello! I am Alexandra, Founder of Corky. After many years of studies in food technology and with experience in various industries, I discovered that my passion is to contribute to the acquisition of ecological consciousness and culture. I can no longer stay uninvolved and this thought led me to create Corky and to search for affordable and alternative everyday products with a smaller environmental footprint.
My mission is to help everyone adopt a greener lifestyle and I look forward to sharing this mission with you.”

Corky has been active since 2021 in the field of trading household, beauty and other types of items made of cork or other sustainable materials. We also provide various "ecological items" like vegancruelty-freeplastic-freezero-waste and low-waste products

The philosophy of our company focuses on the consumer as well as the environment, with the main axis being the effort to change consumer habits.


‘Sustainability is here to stay, or we may not be

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